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The top ten most frequently asked questions.

Why should I use the Triple Effect™ opposed to traditional weight training?

Traditional weight training is a tedious and one-dimensional method of training, in the sense that it solely concentrates on strength, while often adversely effecting flexibility and providing no contributions to balance. Traditional weight training also prolongs recovery time - typically thirty-six hours. With the Triple Effect™, you will feel fatigue as you progress through the workout session. At the conclusion of the workout your muscles will feel as though they were massaged, in the sense that you will feel relax and limber.

How is it possible to feel relaxed and limber after workout as challenging as a
Core Focus workout?

The high levels of flexibility work that we incorporate with the balance and strength work make it possible to challenge your body, without punishing it afterwards with unnecessary soreness. By stretching, your body is able to circulate oxygenated blood throughout your system. This helps the muscles repair quickly, while also flushing out lactic acid (a suspect in muscle soreness, that build up over the course of strenuous activities).

Will the Triple Effect™ help me if I have a history of knee (ex. Meniscus tears), or ankle injuries?

Yes. After receiving a doctor’s clearance, the Triple Effect™ will help to strengthen your legs following these types of injuries. The flexibility and balance aspect of the Triple Effect™ also assists in preventing these injuries
from reoccurring.

Does the Triple Effect™ also help improve cardiovascular health?

Yes. The Triple effect™ does assist in building cardiovascular health.

Is the Triple Effect™ best for losing weight, building muscle, or sculpting my body?

The Triple Effect™ is good for all of the above.

It the Triple Effect™ completely weight free?

With the Triple Effect™ we can help client achieve their goals with and without weights. Our clients always begin training with their body weight. Clients who we consider to be in the Superman Phase are introduced to the Triple Effect™ with weights.

Do I need to register to join one of the camps, or to purchase a video?

Yes. However the information that is requested when you click the register button prior to a video purchase or camp enrollment, is the information needed to process your credit card payment. Therefore you are not required to do
anything extra in the checkout process.

Is it worth signing up for a camp if my child is unable to attend the entire duration?

No. If needed individual training is available. Parents or guardians can also sign up for our upcoming camps as well.

If my child does not attend the camp for the full duration, do I receive an adjusted price?

No. The players are expected to attend all the training sessions provided, unless we are notified otherwise.

Can I sign up for a camp the day of the camp?

Yes. If there is space available, we will allow sign ups on the day of the camp. However, if the camp is full you will be placed on the roster for the next scheduled camp.

If you have any other questions feel free to email them to us.