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The camp
Our 5 Day Mini Basketball Camp is two hours in duration each day. During this time, the athletes are provided with the three fundamental skills of basketball - thirty minutes of ball handling, thirty minutes of shooting, thirty minutes of defense, and thirty minutes of scrimmaging.

These three aspects of skill development are coupled with the Triple Effect™. Player metrics will be taken Monday and Friday to show their progression in flexibility, strength, balance, shooting, ball handling, and defense. Players will also feel the increases in their abilities in the daily scrimmages.

Why choose our camp?
Most institutions pay for strength and conditioning coaches and skill development coaches separately. However, our services provide both of these necessities, while addressing issues (such as injury prevention, muscle imbalances and proper joint alignment) that many coaches often overlook. With precise measurements, we will keep records of the player’s range of motion and posture positioning. We will also utilize the balance aspect of the Triple Effect™ to correct poor alignment issues and strengthen the muscles surrounding tendons, thus further preventing injuries. The Triple Effect™ allows us to live up to our mission statement of “We want you to WANT to workout”, by eliminating the drudgery of traditional weight lifting and basketball practices.

Furthermore, weight training is a tedious and one-dimensional method of training, in the sense that it solely concentrates on strength, while often adversely effecting flexibility and providing no contributions to balance. Traditional weight training also prolongs player’s recovery time - typically thirty-six hours. With such a demanding schedule, this recovery time has to be ignored. This regiment places players who use weights at risk of injuries, and no success hunting player can afford injuries to their body.

  • Provide you with efficient and effective training
  • Provide documentation of the your progression
  • Have a better opportunity at attaining athletic scholarships to Division 1 programs
  • Develop functional strength by exercising the necessary muscles to execute skills, while also improving your skills.
  • Train like an NBA player
  • Develop a KILLER crossover
  • Improve your vertical leap so you can jump out the gym
  • Become quicker on your feet
  • Improve your strength, balance and flexibility while improving all basketball skills
  • Improve your court sense
  • Become a dead eye shooter
  • You will become unstoppable!!!!

The 5 Day Mini Camp provides players with skills development as well as strength and conditioning training for only $59.80 per session. This comes out to be $299 in total.

Mini Basketball Camp
April 16th 2012 7pm to 9pm
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